A Note to the Booklet Series Subscribers…

Dear Subscribers,

I hope you have been enjoying the inaugural season of the Infinite Baseball Card Set Booklets Series. There are three more booklets left in this first series, and I am hoping to have the final one mailed out in August. From there I will be beginning SEASON 2 which will also have 12 booklets plus 1 subscriber-only special.

I will also be offering a separate 8-book series on the 1919 Black Sox. These will be revised stories and illustrations about what the “8 Men Out” got up to after they were exiled from professional baseball. These will not be part of the subscription, but I will be offering subscribers a nice discount on the 8-booklet series as a thank-you for your patronage. I’m going to try to get the Black Sox series ready by World Series time.

A few of you have emailed me to ask about how to subscribe for Season 2. You can do so on my website store in the booklet section, or just follow this LINK.

Thanks to everyone who sent back their questionnaire card. If you haven’t sent yours, please do so. So far the feedback has been great, which thrills me to no end. Also, the suggestions for further subjects has been very helpful, and I will do my best to try to do a few of them in this next season.

Thanks again for subscribing, and Booklet Number 15 should be in the mail end of next week…


-Gary C.

P.S., For the heck of it I set out all the booklets and took a photo. I gotta say, seeing them all so far made a real impressive display!


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