New Round of Color Proofs Available!


I’ve been slowly going through my archives and culling down all the miscellaneous ephemera examples, samples and proofs I’ve accumulated in my three decades of design work. Among the things I’ve re-discovered is the bundle of color proofs that were sent to me while I was writing and illustrating my book, The League of  Outsider Baseball. I was sent color proofs for each of the full-page illustrations in the book to check to make sure everything looked copacetic before the book was sent to the printer. At the time I signed off on the proofs and threw the bundle into one of the steamer trucks that hold the samples of my past work. And there they’ve sat, forgotten about for a few years until I  re-discovered them.

At first I was going to just put them back in the trunk, but then I thought, “what the heck am I going to do with these?” So, I figured I’d make them available in my store. I released the first group of 10 a few months back, and am releasing the second set of 10 now. The proofs measure 12″x 12″ with the color illustrations being about 9″ x 9.” There were about 8 to 10 of each illustration, and I have hand numbered and signed each one.

Here are the proofs available in this round (you can click on each name to go to its page):

Satchel Paige1937 Dragones de Trujillo

Bill Rumler1929 Hollywood Stars

Lou Gehrig1922 Morristown Colonials

Martin Dihigo1935 New York Cubans in Paterson, NJ’s Hinchliffe Stadium

Eddie CicotteBlack Sox 1922 Ex Major League Stars

Alexander Cartwright1846 New York Knickerbockers

Babe Ruth1914 Baltimore Orioles

Mose “The Rabbi of Swat” Solomon1923 Hutchinson Wheat Shockers

Dobie Moore1923-24 Leopardos de Santa Clara

Jim Thorpe1910 Rocky Mount Railroaders

You can see this second group, as well as the remainder of the first, here in MY STORE


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