Coming Soon: A New Book!

I’ve spent the past couple weeks going through all my stories and drawings and selecting the one’s I think best represent The Infinite Baseball Card Set. I wanted to come out with a book that could show all of what I try to do with my work: combine illustration with entertaining storytelling and good research.

I always have to be reminded that the thing that sets my work apart is that, as far as I know, no one in the baseball world does all three of those things. It’s a niche, I know, and it makes me hard to categorize, but I can’t think of doing it any other way.

So, with that what makes me and The Infinite Baseball Card Set unique, I started assembling 30 or 40 pieces into a pleasing layout design. I still have a few small things to wrap up, but I think I have it almost finished. I’ll have it edited in the next week or two and then have a color prototype made to check for last minute changes.

I’ll be posting updates and a place to pre-order copies as it goes forward, but in the meantime, here’s the probable cover and a few of the spreads…

This is the probable cover


Typical page layout


New illustrations


You know how I love a good sidebar…


More fun to read it in hand than online

Stay tuned for more updates…



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