Recently I was commissioned to create a mural for a new bar/restaurant in Covington, Kentucky. The owner is a devotee of baseball history and wanted his establishment to be a tribute to the old Federal League Covington Blue Sox, whose ballpark was just across the street from his restaurant’s location. Besides featuring an extensive bourbon and beer selection, the menu features home-smoked meats – and who better to name the place after than the Blue Sox’ ace Walter “Smoke” Justis! My job was to create a 9-foot tall likeness of the bar’s namesake, and besides ol’ Smoke, the owner requested a few things he’d like included in the mural. One was a quote attributed to Smoke: “The harder they hit, the harder I threw.” Another was a carrier pigeon – on Opening Day each team released pigeons bearing the news that the Federal League season had begun. Also, a building beyond the outfield wall had a great sign advertising “BULL DOG TWIST TOBACCO” and that had to be depicted as well. These all added up to a great challenge for me. In addition to the mural, I have designed the menus and promotional material, and will be working on interior signage and elements in the near future, so stay tuned.

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