SEASONS 1- 3 and the ORIGINAL 5 of the The Infinite Baseball Card Set Booklet Series


THE COMPLETE SEASON 1 and 2 PLUS SUBSCRIPTION to the CURRENT SEASON 3 of The Infinite Baseball Card Set Booklet Series includes the regular 12 issues per season, plus one extra SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL ISSUE per season. You will also receive the ORIGINAL 1-5 SERIES that preceded the BOOKLET SERIES.

In your first package you will receive all of the past booklets and then each month receive the newest SEASON 3 BOOKLET until the season ends.

SUBSCRIPTIONS for SEASON 4 will be available after you receive Booklet Number 041.

Stan Musial: Stan, the sailor man
Wing Maddox: The One-Armed Batting Champ
Claro Duany: El Gigante
Joe Boley: The Price of Being Too Good
Benny Kauff: Stealing Bases and Automobiles

Leon Day: The 1945 GI World Series
Walt Malmquist: Correcting a Baseball Record
Alta Weiss: The Girl Wonder
Carl DeRose: Absolutely Perfect
Jesse Baker: The kid who got Cobbed
Jimmy Horio: Relentless Pursuit of a Dream
Adolfo Arguijo: The General
Sam Kau: Spitball ace of the Hawaiian Travelers
Jesse Batterton: A major tragedy in the minors
Jose Mendez: Beating the Reds Black & Blue
Rupe Mills: The One Man Ballclub
Fran Boniar: Greatest hitter you never heard of
Subscriber Only Bonus
Joe Schlabotnik: By Dr. Charles Brown

Victory Faust: The Prophet
Clint Thomas: The Hawk
Izzy Zarakov: Izzy at the Bat
Roy Campanella: Race & the 1942 pennant
Hi Bithorn: The Life & Strange Death of Hurrican Hi
Sol White: Creating & preserving Blackball history
Dick Sipek: Deafening Roar of the Crowd
Joe Jackson: Shoeless in Greenville
Eddie Mathews: Portrait of the Ballplayer as a Young Cracker
Eddie Sabrie: Baseball Wanderer
Mickey Rutner: Frig ‘em all, big and small
Joe DiMaggio: Deadpan Joe from the Coast
Subscriber Only Bonus
Hack Wilson: When 1938 was 1931 again

SEASON 3 (all the issues to date, followed by one a month until Booklet 41)