026 Eddie Mathews


This is Booklet 026 of The Infinite Baseball Card Set Booklet Series.


EDDIE MATHEWS: Portrait of the Young Ballplayer as a Cracker: 

QUESTION: Who is the only guy to play for the Braves in all 3 cities they called home: Boston, Milwaukee and Atlanta?
ANSWER: Eddie Mathews. But did you know he traveled the same route in reverse on his way to majors?



Each of the hand-numbered and signed 4 ¼” x 5 1/2″ booklets feature an 8 to 24 page story along with a colored art card attached to the inside back cover. These mini-books can be bought individually, thematically or collected as a never-ending set. In addition to the individual booklets, I envision there being themed sets, such as the series I did on Minor League Home Run Champions.

Because these will be handmade in my studio, the production number of each booklet will be low, available on first-come – first serve basis.

Many, but not all, of the stories in The Infinite Baseball Card Set will be made available as a booklet, but I will be doing others that will only be available in print form.



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