043 Dins Makosky


This is Booklet 043 of The Infinite Baseball Card Set Booklet Series.


DINS MAKOSKY: The Johnny Appleseed of the Forkball

Yankees manager Joe McCarthy knew the only way to win the 1936 World Series was by nuetralizing Carl Hubbell’s screwball. None of his players had faced a screwballer all year, and that was a problem. Fortunately, McCarthy had the answer…


Each of the hand-numbered and signed 4 ¼” x 5 1/2″ booklets feature an 8 to 24 page story along with a colored art card attached to the inside back cover. These mini-books can be bought individually, thematically or collected as a never-ending set. In addition to the individual booklets, I envision there being themed sets, such as the series I did on Minor League Home Run Champions.

Because these will be handmade in my studio, the production number of each booklet will be low, available on first-come – first serve basis.

Many, but not all, of the stories in The Infinite Baseball Card Set will be made available as a booklet, but I will be doing others that will only be available in print form.



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