90 Art Card Set


This is a set of 90 art cards, hand-cut and packaged. After these 20 sets are gone, there will be no more available. 

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This is a set of 90 art cards, hand-cut and packaged. Years ago I made 25 copies of each of these cards and over the years I sold or gave away 5 of those sets. After these 20 are gone, there will be no more available. Many of the illustrations in this set were used in my book The League of Outsider Baseball, while others have not been seen before. The cards are printed on semi-gloss card stock and measure business card size (2″ x 3 1/2″). Color of packaging may vary.

Here’s a list of the 90 art cards in this set:

Lefty Brown
Leo Najo
Humpty Badel
Pea Ridge Day
Hippo Galloway
Eiji Sawamura
Johnny Grodzicki
Ford Meadows
Kenso Nushida
Bill Brech
Curly Williams
Len Koenecke
Frederick Benteen
Roy Campanella
Karl Spooner
Charlie Hoover
Bullet Benson
Slim Jones
Sammy T. Hughes
Larry Doby
Johnny Mohardt
Bump Bailey
George H.W. Bush
Roy Hobbs
Bill Rumler
Carl Mays
Babe Ruth 1934
Buck Lai
Satchel Paige
Jackie Mitchell
Dom DiMaggio
Vince DiMaggio
Joe DiMaggio
Jose Mendez
Frankie Zak
Dwight Eisenhower
Johnny Vander Meer
Moe Franklin
Jack Kerouac
Basilio Cueria
Bill Byrd
Farmer Dean
Wally Yonamine
George Halas
Melo Almada
Jimmy Horio
Mickey Mantle 1949
Mickey Mantle 1950
Mickey Mantle 1951
Paul Gillespie
Warren Spahn
Hisanori Karita
Babe Yajima
Victor Starffin
Carlos Torriente
Fujio Nagasawa
Dutch Faust
Hoss Radbourn
Bert Simmons
Nick Cullop
Abel Kiviat
John Dillinger
Artie Wilson
Eddie Grant
Rap Dixon
Mose Solomon
Al Schacht
Jimmie Reese
Tommy Lasorda
Ray White
Tom Woodruff
Joe Jackson 1908
Joe Jackson 1909
Joe Jackson 1910
Eddie Boland
Cannonball Redding
Jimmy Lyston
Billy Martin
Eddie Bennett
Blackie Schwamb
Laymon Yokely
Mayday Sam Malone
Alabama Pitts
Pete Gray
Babe Ruth 1914
Willie Mays
Billy O’Hara
Guy Zinn
Lipman Pike
Harry Frank