Bush League Home Run Heroes Uncut Sheet


This is an uncut sheet of 20 Bush League Home Run Heroes. After these sets are gone, there will be no more available. 

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This is a very limited-edition uncut sheet print of 20 art cards, depicting a quarter century of minor league home run hitters – from 1890’s proto-slugger Perry Werden to 1970’s champ Hector Espino, this set of original drawings and research brings these little-known heroes to life. Where else are you going to find cards of Frosty Kennedy, Big Boy Kraft and Bunny Brief all in one set? Only here!

The prints are on semi-gloss card stock and measure 12″ x 18″.

This set is also available as a 20-card set HERE.

NOTE: This print is available for pre-order and will be mailed the week of September 12.

Here’s a list of the 20 home run heroes in this set:

  • Perry Werden
  • Truck Eagan
  • Bunny Brief
  • Mose Solomon
  • Big Boy Kraft
  • Moose Clabaugh
  • Tony Lazzeri
  • Nick Cullop
  • Buzz Arlett
  • Ollie Carnegie
  • Joe Hauser
  • Pete Hughes
  • Bob Crues
  • Joe Bauman
  • Steve Bilko
  • Frosty Kennedy
  • Ken Guettler
  • Dick Stuart
  • Luke Easter
  • Hector Espino